Blueacorn PPP Review - Montriel B's Testimonial

March 28, 2021

Montriel B's Testimonial / Blue acorn ppp review

Video Transcript

Speaker: Montriel B, 1099 Contractor

Montriel B: Hello, Hey Blueacorn, This is in Montriel Berry, and I definitely appreciate that PPP Loan. It definitely helped me out a lot this year that just passed. Unfortunately, my daughter had caught leukemia, and I had to put most of my time and, to my other kids and have to kinda lay back from work, which I do is Uber and Lyft, and I lost a lot of money during that time. It's been pretty hard as this year came in, and I wasn't even thinking about this loan or anything because someone pointed me to the direction. Not specifically to Blueacorn, but to the loan. I checked into this one - this looked more legit. I signed up, I filled it out. I got my money back quicker than I expected. And it's helping me out a lot. Car detail, maintenance issues also replenished, a little of the money I lost. And I'm very thankful. Definitely very thankful for that loan. Definitely appreciate it. So thank you Blueacorn

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