Blue acorn PPP Review - Jean R's Testimonial

April 15, 2021

Jean R's Testimonial / Blue acorn ppp review.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jean R, Self Employed

Jean R: Hi everyone. My name is Jean Ricot Saint Fleury I was one of the applicants of the PPP loan through Blueacorn. I'm telling you for the first round of PPP loan, I tried several websites. They asked me so many information. I was lost because you know, and I end up stopping the application. But I went to the website again your internet and I was looking for a website to help me with my PPP Loan. Finally. So I found Blueacorn. I listened to the tutorial, from the manager or the marketing manager. So it was so easy for me, and I was thrilled, and I applied to Blueacorn. I can tell you, in less than two weeks I received my loan. What is beautiful about Blueacorn - They walk you through the process. They give you in like an update every single day. This is beautiful. They have a beautiful solid team working toward your loan application. They give you details every single day. They will are always you know they keep you updated. So and if there's a problem they will tell you. But thank God I didn't have any problem with my loan. There's 1-2-3 and and had been approved and they tell me and they send me my document to sign, I sign it. You know they every day they tell me, and I'm on a funding situation. They found they funded my account, I received my money. I'm not gonna tell you how much but they helped me and I can tell you I am a testimony. So since I get my loan, I'm a people person, so I spread the news and I tell all my friends and I tell them if you're looking for, I become an advocate for Blueacorn because you know they help me. If they help me, they will be able to help you too. Because you don't need to go, you don't need to go through all this headache because you know Blueacorn they are there. They have a beautiful team. They're gonna help you. So guys, if you're looking to, if you are 1099, or you're a sole proprietor, or you're self employed, you're driving taxi, and you're looking for a loan - PPP Loan? Guys, I recommend you. They don't tell me what to say, but I'm telling you based on my experience with them. They are reliable. Their customer service is epic. It's great. I can say like it's very great. So they work you through the process. You know the help you really understand exactly what the PPP loan is about. They helped me a lot, and I always help in my community. 10 self employed already they received their loan. They are so happy. They were happy and they say they are grateful for the service that I was able to help them. So thank God to Blueacorn, and I recommend everyone to choose Blueacorn. So if you can, if you really want to get you loan, your PPP loan, choose Blueacorn. Stay tuned, There's more will come. Excuse me one more things I would like to let you know. When you receive the loan they still communicate with you. They're still telling you exactly the situation, the process, when your loan will be forgiven. when to apply for the loan forgiveness. This is beautiful and I really appreciate what they did for me. So I would commend you guys choose Blueacorn, and you were not going to be regret it. Ciao, See you!

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Jean R: Hi guys and I come back again. So, I recommend to everyone to to choose Blueacorn for your PPP loan. As I told you before, I already referred the Blueacorn website to over like you know 15-20 friends, 10 of them already received their PPP loan. And I was you know if they can be based on my experience with Blueacorn, I worked them through the process too because you know I learned from Blueacorn, so I can help them. Thank you for watching. Please if you want your loan to be approved, choose Blueacorn. Ciao

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