Blue acorn PPP Review - Chanda T's Testimonial

April 14, 2021

Chanda's Testimonial / Blue acorn ppp review.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Chanda T, 1099 Contractor

Chanda T: Hi, my name is Shanda Titus and I um receive the PPP ...stimulus... 1099 check... funds from Blueacorn's help. I'm a real person and I want to say that I am so thankful and grateful that the infomercial came on when I was watching Youtube and I took the opportunity to just apply at that moment. And you know... it was almost like, too good to be true, quick and easy and painless that I'm like, yeah, right. And I did. I got the money in about 10 days from my application and it's very helpful. I'm self employed. I have supplies and equipment that I have to keep up with on a weekly basis or else I can't do my job for the next week. So it comes in handy because I get paid, you know, sometimes bi-weekly, sometimes monthly, not always on the same Fridays that people with jobs to get paid. So it was helpful. I'm thankful. I appreciated it. It works. They walked me through everything. They gave me all the update emails to let me know what my status was. I mean If you're a 1099 or self employed, or you have a side gig, I really recommend that you try Blueacorn It's legit. It's helpful they're friendly and I'm really thankful that I did it. So that's my testimony and I hope I encourage you to go out and at least seek out the knowledge that you need to make a decision for your business. Thank you.

Would you recommend Blueacorn to a friend?

Chanda T: Yeah, the question is what I recommend it to my friends. Yes. I would recommend to my friends because it worked for me. I went through it, I tried it, and I'm a success story, successful story. So I would only recommend something to people, that I know that works and that would benefit them, and that is legit because my name is on the line and my company's name is on the line and you know, the first thing someone even me, if you ask me, "Does it work?" and I can say yes, it works, "How do you know?" Because it worked for me, I did it, I show I can show you the deposit. You know, so yes, I would recommend it to people because I have, and I feel like I'm credible.

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