Tracy Christian for BitBranding OSO Member Review

November 14, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Tracy Christian, Sante Grace

Tracy Christian: Hi, my name is Tracy. My brand is Sane Grace and I'm here to highly recommend bit branding. I've taken lots of these types of classes, comprehensive classes about how to create your boutique or your label classes specifically about ads and frankly, no one holds a candle to bit branding. I there's so many things that I really appreciate about this company. One, just very nice, honest, you know, young people and uh, you know, you never feel taken advantage of or you know, that uh the courses or interfacing them wasn't worth money. They're continually updating their data, their information, increasing their own knowledge and coming back to you with it. Um, two, they're really innovative, you know, it's like having your outside marketing department. So not only are you they teaching you how to run ads, but when you come up with a marketing scheme, you can always run it, you know, to them. And three, they really have comprehensive marketing and servicing for people who have fashion brands and boutiques. You know, these specific departments with people who are experts in their field and that's so appreciated. But more than anything, what I really appreciate about them is their honesty. They're totally willing to admit when they don't know something or they haven't heard about something and they'll do the research and come back to you. So if you're looking for honest, tenacious up to date, um, branding partners, marketing partners look no further than bit branding.

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