Sway-OSO Member Review

December 04, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Agata

Please share your experience with the OSO program and any feedback about how we've been able to help you reach your business goals.

Hi, I'm Agatha. I'm the owner of Sway Move War, the boutique Warre brand. Um and I, I joined uh optimized store owner program around six months ago. And it was big investment for me. I was quite hesitant to whether I should do it. Uh But after those few months, I can already say that it's been um really worth it. I can see that um my shop is growing and I can reach more customers. But most importantly, I feel very empowered that I can do it all uh myself and I don't feel as overwhelmed as I think before uh like bombarded with all of the information. Uh You can get online. I now feel um like way more sure that what I'm doing is uh it's gonna help me grow my business and it's specific for my niche uh brand. And um I feel more up to date and do weekly um meetings. Uh Q and A, it's really helps me stay organized and focused. Uh So I feel like that that's really helped a lot to and big branding team uh is very flexible and each member is um it's a specialist within, it's like their own niche. So I feel like every time I need um a specific uh to solve specific problem with my uh website or emails or marketing or strategy or uh whatever it is, I can uh reach out to one of the members. And I know I will get uh most well informed educated um opinion decision um about what's like about my problem. And they, they're gonna help me solve that. And the one of the most important film things for me is that it's not like um it's, it's very specific to my brand and it's very um as I created for my brand. So whenever I have some kind of obstacle, I know like they gonna help, help me go around it and create a strategy that's gonna work for my business. Like, for example, I do pop up shops. Uh So it's not specific to the website or the selling online, it's uh selling in person. And they, they really help me create strategy to um how to sell in person, but also how to um help the customers find me then after that online. Um So things like that uh really make a difference. And after those six months, I can already see um like massive growth in my like engagement on a website. And the um average order value is way higher, the conversion rate, way higher. Like all the statistics are um way better than, than I had them when I started and it sometimes was just a case of a little tweaks and uh that's, that's really important that, you know, in which direction to go next and which little things to change in order to get that um and the growth for your business and to reach more uh customers. Um Mhm. Mhm. So, um I would definitely recommend uh the optimized store owner program to anybody who wants to um grow their business and reach more customers and um get help. That's a very um like that's, that's created just for you and specific to your uh your brand and the strategy that's gonna um it's kind of uh really help you grow. Yeah.

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