Kwasi Nyantakyi shares his Birdeye success story!

April 24, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kwasi Nyantakyi, Patient Experience Manager, MindPath Health

What is your name, title, and what does your business do?

Kwasi Nyantakyi: My name is Kwasi Nyantakyi, I I work at MindPath Health as the patient experience coordinator, and MindPath Health provides behavioral health services to patients across eight different states, seeing over 100,000 patients annually.

Why did you choose Birdeye?

Kwasi Nyantakyi: We chose Birdeye because Birdeye was a comprehensive tool that offered solutions to reputation management, survey management and also listings management and as a growing business, Birdeye met the needs of our business. It was very essential that we have a tool that one could do multiple things as opposed to one thing here and there. So all the futures that Birdeye came with fit our business needs, which included a platform to help us distribute a survey, manage our google listings and other listings, as well as help us manage our reputation and have a central repository of where our reviews are coming from and how patients are speaking about us, and social media.

How has Birdeye helped your business?

Kwasi Nyantakyi: Birdeye has helped our business a few different ways, One of which is that it helps us disseminate our national patient survey so that sent after appointments had by patients. It's a very quick brief survey And over the span of about six months we've been able to send over 100,000 surveys and have effectively collected close to 30,000 surveys and that helps us see what our patients are saying about our services, our providers, our support services and other things as it pertains to patient care. It also helps us again see what our patients are saying online by responding to reviews, negative or positive. It allows us to share our positive reviews which helps with clinician engagement and retention. It also helps us grow our brand as an organization and make sure that patients know where we are. and our business hours and the services that we provide. So those are a few ways that Birdeye helps us as an organization.

What would you tell someone who is considering Birdeye?

Kwasi Nyantakyi: If someone was considering Birdeye, I would tell them you know, if you're looking for a platform that can help you manage your online reputation, that can help you with your survey management strategy that can also help you manage your listings. If you're growing organization, Birdeye would be the one of the tools that you should consider. Customer services is great. The success managers are very knowledgeable. And Birdeye is a very easy to use user friendly platform. And so if you're looking for a platform that can help you and your business grow and manage your reputation with a team that is able to support you and your business needs, I would tell you to look into Birdeye and at least entertain the idea of a partnership.

How would you describe your experience with Birdeye's customer service?

Kwasi Nyantakyi: My experience with Birdeye customer service has been great. You know, they're always responsive when sending emails. Any questions we have, they try to answer or research industry, benchmark standards that they might not have on their own, but they're willing to provide us with because we asked. We have a bi weekly meeting with them at Mindpath Health. We used to have a weekly one, but they're very flexible in terms of scheduling the meetings where we get to catch up, ask any questions and see if there are any opportunities to help our business. in sum our experience with customer service has been nothing short of great. Even the ticketing feature, the ticketing portion of Birdeye, if I have a question that none of our success managers can answer. The support team at Birdeye has been also very effective and efficient in communicating with us and resolving our problems.

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