Mike Walker at MindTrix for Birch River Design Group

September 06, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Mike Walker, MindTrix Escape Room Games

Mike Walker: We hired Birch River to help us primarily with pay per click ads, uh specifically Google ad words and they have knocked it off out of the park. They've been phenomenal. Uh We often have a return on our ad, spend more than 10 times, which is fantastic and they are happy to help us with other things that were not uh part of our original conversation such as our website or even just bouncing uh marketing ideas off of them. They've been fantastic in every way.

Mike Walker: The most significant impact of working with Birch River Aside from our bottom line has been the peace of mind of knowing that our digital ads are performing well and being handled professionally.

Would you recommend Birch River to other Escape Room Owners?

Mike Walker: I would absolutely recommend Birch River to other escape room owners. As long as they are not competitors in our market, they have been phenomenal. We've used other marketing agencies, several of them and Birch River stands above all their peers.

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