Pete Hensel for Birch River Video Testimonials

April 03, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Pete Hensel, Big Screen Escapes

Pete Hensel: The main challenge we were facing before we were using Birch was just to make sure that we were maximizing our uh Google account and whether it was keywords or advertising, uh different kind of ads, a budgets. Uh We were kind of just flapping in the wind for to say with no real guidance. But uh since we joined with Birch, it's been very helpful and we've seen a great return.

Pete Hensel: One of the main metrics that, Birch has really brought to our attention was our ROI on Google. It's nice to see and we get weekly reports that, the money that we're spending for the Google ads, how that's actually working for our business. And we've seen the number usually, always over five times. We've been sometimes eight times what we spent, um, even 11%. So it's really great to see him, those weekly reports that they send us have really brought it to our attention and, and know that we're doing the right thing.

Pete Hensel: I'd say the most significant thing that BGE brings to us is at least peace of mind. Um, you know, we are two brothers running a small family owned business here. we've only been up for three years and, uh, having their expertise and you kind of always can see that they're tinkering and playing with the ads doing little different things that change. So, it's definitely nice to know that we have a partner helping us, uh, do the best for our business and maximize everything we can. So the peace of mind has been really great.

Pete Hensel: Without a doubt, I would recommend Birch to any escape room owner, uh their expertise and just maximizing the dollars that you spend on advertising, has been a game changer for us and we can see it year over year, the improvements that have been made, uh just on that little attention that they do there. So I would definitely recommend it.

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