Danna Rengifo for Big Interview

December 13, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Danna Rengifo , Student

How has Big Interview helped you?

Danna Rengifo : Hi there I'm gonna Rengifo um a um ending nine theater incoming 10th grader this year. And I am taking dwell enrollment classes um For general ed slash eight degrees at my local community college and also enrolled in the high school there. Um I've been using bigger interviews for a lot of projects this year. So first off I took a class called Parisian lifestyle which helps me like what major I'm going into which what I think I'm gonna go into is graphic design. So my major does require a lot of internships in order to get where I want to be in about four or five years. And about a month ago I also took um I also had an interview for a possible many service opportunity but I was sadly not able to get it but it still taught me that I just had to be a little bit more confident. So that's when I started going to big interview as well, started using it about once or twice a week. And I feel like my speaking skills from a very like kept herself very quiet person has definitely expanded a little bit more for my finals this year. I used to interview as well and for classes where I've had to film videos just like this one. Um I definitely think that I've gotten higher grades because of it and if it wasn't for that one class I mean it is a big interview. I definitely want to be where I am today. My G. P. A. Probably would have been lower and my speaking skills will bring me will definitely help me in a new class called public speaking next semester for my general ed. Um, yeah, I think as such a young student, um, taking these stolen enrollment classes, it's really important for them to know that I'm confident in what I'm doing. So I think the big interiors definitely helped me. Thank you.

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