Lauren Kryzak on The Bierman Difference

September 14, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Lauren Kryzak, Regional Clinical Director

Collaborative + Supportive Ecosystem

Research support + professional growth

Lauren Kryzak: Hi, my name is Lauren Kryzak and I am a BCBA and I have been a BCBA for over 10 years. I am currently the regional clinical director in New Jersey, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. something that I think differentiates Beerman from other companies. And one of the main reasons that I began working here almost two years ago was Bierman's ability to help support me and my professional growth and goals as a research practitioner. It was always really important to me that I continue to expand my knowledge and behavior analysis and my ability to practice behavior analysis, but also that I continue to come into contact with the literature and research in the field doing research myself, which is always really critical in my own professional goals and development. So when interviewing with Bierman for a role, I was super excited to learn about the infrastructure and supports that are available to expand the researcher side of my professional interests. So, Bierman has an institutional review board which reviews research protocols for our company. So if you are a master's student interested in doing research for your thesis or have graduated and are interested in participating in research. If you are interested in poster presentations at conferences, either local statewide national conferences. The company has not only the institutional review board which allows us to actually conduct that research, but many phds on staff who are able to help support, develop that design and methodology as well as help execute the protocols and analyze the data and come up with you know, meaningful outcomes. Hopefully that your research shows several of our um uh colleagues at Bierman have submitted and published research. So we have experienced practitioners in that field as well. So it just opportunity for me to come on board and work with other people who can support my interest in research and conducting research. And then again, also help me learn and expand that area. So that was always the researcher portion of my professional development and growth and then the other side was the practitioner. So again, Bierman has a clinical training team made up of seasoned BCBAs as well as phd level BCBAs. people have, who have worked in the field of behavior now for quite a long time, as well as those who worked their way through the Bierman system. and got promoted and demonstrated strong competencies and implementation of behavior analysis to be part of this clinical training team that helps to support our company's growth and development. So, you know, coming into a company where they valued that development of clinical training and then also the implementation to help support our staff at the behavior analyst level, the CiT or the clinician and training level, the clinical director role, the regional director role. So all of us have an opportunity to learn, grow and become better practitioners so that we can help maximize the outcomes for our clients and our staff that we are in turn helping to support. So those are two really big factors that influence my decision to come to work with the and has really contributed to my job satisfaction over the past two years.

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