Beth Hoffman '03 celebrating Mrs. Holmes and Performing Arts at WT

January 16, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Beth Hoffman '03

How did WT's Performing Arts program positively impact your life?

Beth Hoffman '03: gosh it's hard to know where to start with how WT Performing Arts and particularly Mrs. Holmes positively impacted my life because it impacted me in so many great ways. Um I was definitely not the most talented person when it came to performing arts particularly singing. Um But Mrs Holmes all always has done such a great job of creating a place for everyone in WT Performing arts and specifically the musical. And so I always just felt like it was this really great community this great opportunity and experience. And I've been my dad actually recently digitized some old wt the musicals that I was in and I've been rewatching them and just reflecting on all the great memories and the ways in which it really helped my self confidence. Really helped me learn how to be a team player and just was such such a valuable experience to have as a teenager.

What's one of your favorite memories of Mrs. Holmes?

Beth Hoffman '03: one of my favorite memories of Mrs. Holmes uh this is a little hard to answer because I was a W. T. Student so long ago. Um But I just have this memory I can't quite place it but I remember we were in rehearsal for I think it was Greece and in in the year 2000 and mrs Holmes came running down the aisle like waving her arms. Stop, stop, stop, we have to redo it. Um And I don't remember what scene it was, I don't remember you know anything really more but um I sometimes think of that like when I'm coaching gymnastics or something and and want to yell like stuff we have to go back. Um for some reason that just really sticks in my mind. And I do remember actually after she came running down the aisle like she just burst out laughing and we were all laughing. And um so it's a really great memory

What are some of the lessons you carry with you today?

Beth Hoffman '03: Some of the lessons from mrs Holmes that I carry with me today are being just creating an inclusive um really open environment and also emphasizing people's strengths. Um And I especially carry this through in volunteering as a gymnastics coach, and also now that I've started teaching undergrad and graduate students at pitt, um just remembering that everyone is bringing something unique to the table. Um It's not all about talent, it's also about hard work um and just making sure that everyone knows, you know, regardless of their raw talent um that they're a valuable member of the team.

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