Ben Davison for Share Your Experience with Ramsey Bergeron

July 05, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Ben Davison

What was the name of the course that you took, and how do you feel it helped you?

Ben Davison: The class taught me a lot and the biggest was naming the emotion. Being able to tie my feeling back down to the root of it and then being able to answer it and be able to communicate what's going on with me to others that way they know this is the way I feel and this is why I feel it.

Ben Davison: I've already been able to put certain things in practice. I've also been able to look at scenarios at the end of the day and go wow, I could have used, utilize these tools here, here and here and those experience would have been even better, not that they were bad,

How would you describe Ramsey in three words?

Ben Davison: Ramsey, in three words, empathetic, creative, and enthusiastic.

What makes Ramsey different from other trainers/coaches/speakers you have seen?

Ben Davison: Many classes I've taken require the students to be the ones that are vulnerable. But Ramsey was able to portray stories of his own, um showing his own vulnerability, which encouraged others in the class to do the same.

Would you recommend Ramsey and why?

Ben Davison: I recommend Ramsey because of his passion for the field, with his own personal experiences and being able to tie those into my own personal experiences to better my life from his own personal journey.

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