The Leader's Roundtable Customer Testimonial Video

June 24, 2022

Robert Pasin, Chief Wagon Officer at Radio Flyer shares his Bell Leadership Leader's Roundtable experience.

Video Transcript

Robert Pasin shares his experience with The Leader's Roundtable

Hi, my name is Robert Pasin and I'm the Chief Wagon Officer at Radio Flyer. The company founded by my grandpa in 1917. I met Dr Bell in 2002 when I attended a Selecting Achievers seminar he was giving at a conference and at the time I was really struggling with selection and building a great team and I remember sitting in the audience furiously scribbling notes and saying to myself, yes, this is what I need to do, Yes, yes, yes. And then I followed Dr Bell around for the rest of the conference, pestering him with questions and after patiently answering question after question, Dr. Bell gently said, you know, I have classes you can take, you might like The Leader's Roundtable. So I signed up and the Roundtable had a profoundly positive impact on my leadership development and one of the many things that I learned was that when you're the leader, everyone's watching you like a hawk as Dr. Bell says and it's so important to gain self awareness in order to understand blind spots and become a better leader. Well since then, all of the leaders at Radio Flyer have gone through The Leader's Roundtable and it has had a huge positive impact on our company and I believe it's one of the reasons we have received so much recognition as one of the best places to work in the country. So congratulations Bell Leadership. Thank you Dr. Bell and everyone at Bell Leadership for all of your wonderful work, support and teaching through the years. Bye!

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