The Bell Leadership Leader's Roundtable Client Video | Test

June 10, 2022

Christina Wise shares her experience with The Bell Leadership Leader's Roundtable, a masterclass in leadership for senior executives.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Christina Wise, Executive Administrator, Bell Leadership Institute

Christina Wise: My name is Christina Wise. I am the Executive Administrator here at Bell Leadership Institute and unfortunately I've never been part of the leaders roundtable, but I have the privilege of supporting Dr Bell um as he teaches them.

Looking back on the Leader’s Roundtable, what was your biggest learning? (Share an example of how you have put those learnings into action?)

Christina Wise: Sharing my biggest learning from believers roundtable.

How has the Leader’s Roundtable impact the way you personally lead?

Christina Wise: Making a note that on this one, the question should read, um, impacted, I believe, not impact.

How has your participation in the Leader's Roundtable impacted your business(es)?

Christina Wise: Testing.

Please share anything else that you would like to add about your Leader's Roundtable experience.

Christina Wise: I like the addition of the share anything else?

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