Jennifer Drake for Bchex Video Testimonials

March 22, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jennifer Drake, Senior Account Executive

How does contributing to our mission of creating safe environments make you feel about your role at Bchex?

Jennifer Drake: My role here at Bchex is very fulfilling. The last 11 years, I have been on mission, helping organizations protect one more person. And there is nothing greater than having a career that is very purposeful. And I'm very blessed that uh I've had the opportunity to play an important, important role in someone's safety.

Highlight a project or achievement at Bchex that you're proud of.

Jennifer Drake: One of the projects or achievements that I'm proud to be a part of here at Bchex was being brought in to launch Secure Volunteer. It's been so awesome to see Secure Volunteer uh branch out to so many industries and help so many organizations uh with their volunteers and uh Bchex so successful in that, in that brand and that technology and uh look forward to where it goes in the future.

How have our Torch, Value, and Founders Awards affected your motivation and experience?

Jennifer Drake: Well, I will say I am self competitive uh by nature, always wanting to do my best, um super hard on myself um and, and competitive with others. Um But uh with the torch value and founders awards, it is awesome to be recognized for the hard work um that we put in and see others uh succeed um and be recognized uh for all that they do and accomplish here at Bchex.

Why do you think our customers choose us?

Jennifer Drake: So often, I'm at these conferences and clients come up to me and say, we love you guys and I will ask them almost every time, why do you love us? And, and the response is your system just rocks or, or we just, we love the system. We, we love the reports. Um The quality of the reports. We love client services. They're awesome. You know, we know we can call up there and get what we need. Um Almost every time. Um You know, and that speaks volumes that when us sales people are on the front line at these conferences that when we sell our product, it's backed by our um our awesome team's operations leadership and um just super blessed to, to work for a great company like Bchex.

What stands out to you about the culture at Bchex?

Jennifer Drake: Culture is everything in a company and is super important to keep great employees. And uh Bchex provides a very supportive, uplifting, respectable fun, cool atmosphere.

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