Corrina Bryant for Bchex Video Testimonials

March 20, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Corrina Bryant, Quality Assurance Manager

How does contributing to our mission of creating safe environments make you feel about your role at Bchex?

Corrina Bryant: I feel like contributing to Bchex's mission of creating safer environments, makes me feel incredibly fulfilled in my role. Knowing that my work really directly impacts the safety and well being of others, gives my job meaning and purpose. And I really enjoy working here.

Highlight a project or achievement at Bchex that you're proud of.

Corrina Bryant: One project that I'm particularly proud of at Bchex is my contribution to the development of checks pass. It was challenging yet rewarding project that required innovative thinking and collaboration with different teams here and seeing the final outcome of checks pass and knowing that it's going to make a difference in creating safer environments was a great achievement for me.

How have our Torch, Value, and Founders Awards affected your motivation and experience?

Corrina Bryant: For me, the torch and founders Awards at Bchex have had significant impact on my motivation and experience. They serve as recognition for hard work dedication and they really motivate me to continue striving for excellence. These awards also reinforce the values and the culture of Bchex and it makes me proud to be such a part of a remarkable organization. I was actually honored to receive the Founders Award, which was the highest award that I could receive at the 2024 annual awards ceremony.

Why do you think our customers choose us?

Corrina Bryant: I think that our customers choose us because of our exceptional customer service. And most importantly, our values Bchex focus on creating safe environments, aligns with the priorities of our customers. And it makes us a trusted partner in their safety initiatives.

What stands out to you about the culture at Bchex?

Corrina Bryant: The culture at Bchex is amazing. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming and that just makes me feel like part of the team. I love that we're encouraged to share ideas, whether it's in meetings or just chatting with colleagues and the support and camaraderie here really makes it a great place to work. And the emphasis on recognition of achievements makes me excited to be a part of this team.

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