Briann Messick for Bchex Video Testimonials

March 25, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Briann Messick, Executive Administrator

How does contributing to our mission of creating safe environments make you feel about your role at Bchex?

Briann Messick: Every individual that works for Bchex, including myself plays a role in our mission of creating safe environments. One of our core values here is protect what matters, which is something our leaders emphasize. Perhaps above any of our other values, we recognize that the quality of the work we provide to our clients is nonnegotiable. I and every person I work with here at Bchex from our CEO down to our new hire on their first day, takes the quality and thoroughness of our work personally, it is our mission to make sure the environments of every one of our clients is a safe one and being a small part in providing that to them makes me so incredibly proud.

Highlight a project or achievement at Bchex that you're proud of.

Briann Messick: One aspect of my job that I'm proud to be a part of is ensuring our break rooms stay stocked with delicious snacks, beverages and meals at all times. Some of my favorite additions to our office are our oatmeal bar, cereal bar and our coffee station Bchex makes it a priority to keep us as employees nourished throughout the work day. So I make sure our freezers are always full of Clean Eatz and go meals. So everyone has access to a tasty and healthy lunch, especially during busy days here at the office.

How have our Torch, Value, and Founders Awards affected your motivation and experience?

Briann Messick: Every year at our annual awards dinner. Our whole company gets together to celebrate the employees who have met their torch metrics consistently. Throughout the year, the employees who exemplified our core values and the employee who is bestowed with the highest honor at our company, the founders award. Watching my coworkers that I've seen work so hard in their roles and are so deserving of recognition. Walk up on that award stage brings me such immense pride and really puts what we do every day into perspective. I was privileged enough to receive the Be a CEO award in 2023 which is one of our core values here at Bchex. It will never be lost on me how special it was to receive an award that exemplifies one of the core tenants of who we are looking at my award every day on my desk, motivates me to live up to that core value to be a CEO of my work.

Why do you think our customers choose us?

Briann Messick: I think our customers choose us because we at Bchex are constantly innovating. There's never a day that I'm not in a meeting that doesn't involve our leaders discussing ways to build better and better technology to give everyone the best quality of service possible. We are committed to providing the most quality products on the market and this is why we will never stop innovating and building. It's what our customers deserve.

What stands out to you about the culture at Bchex?

Briann Messick: The genuine care and respect that permeates our workplace has made every day at Bchex Truly a pleasure. I'm immensely grateful for the opportunities for growth. The incredible work culture and the exceptional colleagues, I've had the privilege to work alongside my five years at Bchex have been nothing short of extraordinary and I hope to be here for many more.

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