Amanda Pope for Bchex Video Testimonials

March 21, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Amanda Pope, CS Product Manager

Highlight a project or achievement at Bchex that you're proud of.

Amanda Pope: One project that I'm proud of being involved with is our ID scan technology implementing this product. In order to collect the most accurate information for a background check is so important in delivering a quality background check for our customers.

How have our Torch, Value, and Founders Awards affected your motivation and experience?

Amanda Pope: While I admit it can be intimidating to walk up on the stage and receive an award knowing that my contributions to the company are being recognized by my superiors in front of my colleagues is a real motivator. Um It does help me to understand that my work is important and valuable to the company.

Why do you think our customers choose us?

Amanda Pope: Customers choose Bchex due to our excellent customer service. There aren't many companies left where you can get a live person on the phone as quickly as you can here. With the addition of our live chat option. There's so many ways to get in touch with us. Um, customers are able to get their questions answered right away.

What stands out to you about the culture at Bchex?

Amanda Pope: I have never felt such a sense of togetherness in any other company that I work for. We're really collaborative here. Everyone is more than happy to help someone else. I have a sense of belonging. We're always working together as a team towards a common goal of protecting what matters.

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