It's One Of The Only Things That My Kids Could Do!

February 20, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Sheri Silva

Sheri Silva: Hello, my name is Sherry Silva. My family loved doing summer bowling at Boston Bowl in Hanover. Uh My three kids, one of my oldest is 17, my middle is 14 and my youngest is 10 now 11. Um, but the number one reason why we loved it so much was that my younger son had leg lengthening surgery and had a external device on his leg the entire summer. And it really was one of the only things that he could do um this summer to keep him active and get him out of the house that he enjoyed doing. Um, he initially was bowling in his wheelchair and then uh got comfortable doing it on his crutches. Um, and just kind of built his confidence up from there. And so it became our weekly thing that we would leave the house and go bowl for free. So, um I wanna thank Boston Bowl for um that opportunity to be able to do that with my son while he was going through this difficult time. And um we will definitely be planning more summers and going back. Thank you.

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