I Got to Take My Daughter Bowling for the First Time

March 06, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Mario Watkins

Mario Watkins : My favorite memory this summer was getting the ball with my daughter for the first time. She is four years old and it was her first time ever bowling. It meant a lot to me because I always love bowling growing up. So I got to take her and she enjoyed it. She loved picking out her shoes and she loved picking out the thing that put the ball down. She loved everything about bowling and it really meant a lot to me and we plan on doing more visits to the bowling alley this time with her mother as well. It was during the summer, her mother was working and I was able to take off of work to be with her. So we enjoyed our summer a lot and we enjoyed it even more with us able to bowl. And I really thank stars and strikes for doing that. It was awesome. And it's a memory that I'll cherish forever. Thank you.

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