First Summer Participating in KBF

February 28, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kristie Costello

Kristie Costello: Last summer was the first year that my daughter joined the Kids Bull Free Program. And the thing that we love the most about the program is the community. We had signed up with a bunch of our friends and we met up weekly and the kids just had so much fun bowling with each other and even some of the parents that had signed up. Um We just had so much fun with each other every single week and um it was a fun outing for us as well um to get away whether it be like the rainy days or just a morning to get out. Um We just all had so much fun and it was most of the kids first time bowling as um, they're still young. They're only five and six years old. So it was a lot of their first time bowling and now they all love it. So we're excited to join the program again this summer. Thanks again, kids b free.

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