Make A Plan to Bowl Weekly

March 03, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jessica Butcher

Jessica Butcher: My family really loved kids ball free and we're definitely planning on doing it again this coming summer. Um, I think the best part was just the fact that we had something planned to do every week, at least once a week and, um, it to do as a family and a set amount of time. So it definitely brought us closer during that time and it helps teach our kid team building or, you know, kind of encourage practice and how if you practice it something you can get better, which every week he was able to feel a little bit more accomplished in that. So, um, I know I had fun even though, uh, my games were really inconsistent, got a lot of gutters. Um, but, you know, when you get those strikes, it feels good too, but mostly it was just spending the time as a family we really enjoyed. So, thank you so much for making that available.

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