We Met Up with Other Families at the Bowling Center

March 06, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Diana Ferrari

Diana Ferrari: This is my video for the kids bull free. Um Last year was the first year that my daughter and I had participated in the kids full free here in Yakima, Washington. Um The first time that we went for a bowing session was the most memorable for us. Um We got other moms to go along with us. There was a couple of them and then a total of seven kids between the three of us moms and then also when we arrived, there happened to be other kiddos there too from the same school district. So that was awesome. They knew each other and so we were all bowling together and within a few lanes of each other. So that was super fun. Um The most memorable, memorable part of it all was that that evening, I actually bowled five strikes in a row and after every single strike, all the kids would go nuts and they'd be jumping up and down and hysterical and they were like get another one, get another one. And so it was super cute to see everybody cheering on each other and it wasn't so much about being a competition, which was awesome. And so everyone was like, you could do it, you could do it. And so that was why it was the most memorable for us was that everyone got to see something epic that I haven't even done. And I'm 38 years old. And so that was the first time I ever bowled five strikes in a row back to back. So thank you so much for that and we will be doing it again this year. Thank you.

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