Memories Created Year After Year to Look Back On

March 03, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Debbie Berger

Debbie Berger: So we absolutely love the kids bull free. It is a great time for our family. We use it as a fun time for us to get out. And probably my favorite memory is just the fact that we've been able to use kid bull free for a couple of years now. So I love when my memories pop up and I see the kids bowling and I see them growing each year and getting to see them just having so much fun and they're really enjoying it and just watching them progress and have so much fun is my absolute favorite part. So, do you guys like the kids bowl free? Yeah, it's the best bowling place ever. I love the bowling place. It's the best. So we have a lot of fun as a family. And again, it's just, it's a memory for me and my kids and I love just seeing and looking back on all of those memories each year.

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