Our Girls Loved 10 Pin Bowling!

February 20, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Deanna Gaal

Deanna Gaal: Hi, we're the G family. We did the kids b free last summer and we really enjoyed it. We went as much as we could. Um, so one of our best memories would be we introduced 10 pin bowling to the girls and they loved it though. I have learned what all the holes mean on the balls because I almost lost my fingers down the lane. But we had a blast and they gave me a heart attack because we thought they're gonna break the bowling alley. But it was still awesome girls. What do you think? Do you want a birthday party, bowling party? So, we'd love it if you were, if we were put into the mix for your competition for a birthday party, bowling party, it would be awesome. Thank you very much. Bye bye. Yeah. Well, I

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