It Was Important to Us to Bowl Weekly

March 06, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Christy Bell

Christy Bell: We participated in kids bowl free last year. Um We purchased the family plan so that me and his dad could bowl too. Um We invited two family members um to bowl with us and we had a blast every time we were able to come. Uh of course, um with the busy work schedules, it wasn't every day, but it was very important for us to come weekly so that we have that family time to do something that we all enjoy doing. Um We found out that anybody can bowl. My son uh has a DH D and this was one thing that he found that he really enjoyed doing. It was no stress and there was no pressure for him to play well and he was able to take his time and do what he needed to do to feel like he was accomplishing something big. He out bowled us quite a few times and it was just an amazing experience and we cannot wait for it to open up and so we can do it again.

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