It Gave Our Family Something Different to Do Over the Summer

March 06, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Cherrish Anderson

Cherrish Anderson: I participated in the kids, both for free. This summer. It was myself. My daughter promise her brother Gregory and their big sister at times. Um, went with us. We had the best time this summer. My kids were so appreciative that we had something to do because as you know, it's summertime. So they're out of school, they're at home, they want to get out of the house. So it was just a really good time for us to get away. Bowl, eat some food. Um, the location we chose was main event and we tried to go first thing when they opened and it was such an easy process. We got to go in, we got in, we got our lane. Um, we had food. We just had a really good time as a family. Um, my son's not here but my daughter can express how she enjoyed her time as well. Yeah, I think it was really fun. I really had fun. Bowling. Um, bowling is really like competitive and stuff. I really like bowling. I really like the food too. I just think main event is a really good, like, place to go and hang out. With your family and just have fun and I think it's really fun. All right. So we had a great time this summer. Um It was just again, time to get away as a family. Um a very affordable, you know, we all know how the prices are going crazy nowadays, but it was just really good to get out and get away. I will definitely be signing up again this summer. Thank you. This is the Anderson Fam family.

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