Affordable for a Family of 6

March 06, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Ashley Fieldseth

Ashley Fieldseth : Hi. Um our family did the free bowl this summer and with six kids, it is not easy to find something that is affordable to do. Um, so we were really grateful this year for the free bowl over the summer. I just say our most memorable time bowling for free was literally the first time we went, like the kids had such a blast that they dragged it out. We ended up spending like 2.5, 3 hours there because they just wanted to keep it going. Two games took forever. Um, they just, they had a blast. They were excited to be able to find a ball, they were able to use. Um, they were excited to learn how to bowl, um and watching the different ways to do it and learning to aim. Um, they loved their pizzas and their drinks and they literally, they just didn't want to leave. Um So it was, it was an amazing summer getting to b for free. Um, this year, um this past year we didn't do birthday parties for the kids. So this year we want to do something for them all at once this summer. Um for a large birthday party. Um like I said, there's six of them. So yeah, I truly appreciate us being able to win a free birthday party for all of my kids. Thank you. Have a great night.

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