Burn Off the Energy

March 03, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Amanda Cadden

Amanda Cadden: I just want to say thank you so much for the free games of bowling. My three boys are very energetic and it often is hard to find uh enough activities for us to get out and have a lot of fun. And my husband likes to watch football on Sundays. And so we became a kind of a routine for us to go to the bowling alley, everyone gets to bowl and the football game is being played on the big screen. So we all kind of a win win, um, that we get to play and enjoy time with, uh, my husband and their dad. Um Also our favorite moment is probably when my four year old made his first strike and he did his little happy dance and we were all cheering for him. And actually the family next to us also cheered, which was really exciting or um when I got a gutter ball, when my boys would say good try, mom, good try and having us kind of all working together. So, thank you so much. We love that bowling program. We really appreciate it and hope to do it in the future.

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