Bowling is On Our Summer Bucket List

March 07, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Allison Kwasniak

Allison Kwasniak: Hi, my name is Alison. And my kids and our family participated in the kids bull free program this summer and it was absolutely wonderful. We actually have a family tradition where we create a summer bucket list every year. And one of the first things that my kids put on their bucket list was bowling. It wasn't something that we really did a lot. Um, and they maybe only had ever gone once, um, before and shortly after we created that, uh, we heard about the kids bowl free program and it came home through the school. And so I showed it to my husband and we signed up. And so one of the very first things that we were able to check off of our summer bucket list was bowling with the kids on things to the kids b free program. And that was not the only time that we ended up going that summer. They absolutely fell in love with it and we used it several times. We even added on the option to, um, uh, pay for my husband and I to have passes. So the kids are free and we did a adult package to add on so that we could all participate together and it was a really great day for any time that it was just not great weather, um, which happens sometimes in the summer and the kids are all expecting to be outside, but it was a great way to just um, go and do something together as a family and build some really fantastic memories. So, one of my favorite times going, um was just, it was a thunderstorm and all of our other plans just kind of got canceled. Um, so I logged on to the app and um, there was a, a time slots that were available that day. And so we went and we had an absolutely amazing time. So I highly recommend it. We cannot wait to sign up again this year.

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