Sibling Bonding Time

March 03, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Aimee Cancel

Aimee Cancel : So we did the kids bowl free and I have five Children, only four could actually play, but it was a wonderful experience for them. Um Some of them realized that they had more skills than they thought. Um And others thought they had more skills than they did. Um But we definitely enjoyed it. It was a good opportunity for us to figure out something to do. Um that um they all could enjoy. Um even just picking up a ball or just sitting with each other and cheering each other on was really good for my kids to do that with each other. It helped them bond for sure. And I was able to take amazing pictures and to celebrate with them with their victories and even knocking a single pin down. And so I would highly recommend it to any parent with multiple Children or one child that is looking for an activity to do during the summer if they're sticking around versus traveling, which is what we did and um create those memories.

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