Trent D. for Bath Fitter Video Testimonials

December 15, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Trent Dietsche

Can you describe the reason why you wanted to remodel your Bath?

Trent Dietsche: We have a or we had a uh 19 sixties um era bathroom that had um, old tile that was very difficult to get rid of. Um, we had the blue bathtub. I was just very dated and in need of and in need of refreshing.

What made you choose Bath Fitter?

Trent Dietsche: We have friends that have used Beth Fitter and, um, we've had, you know, good testimonials from other people. And uh our experience has been equally uh great. And so we're, we're very glad that we went with Befit.

What would you tell someone who is considering Bath Fitter?

Trent Dietsche: Our experience with bath footer was great. Um, they picked a day to come and do their measurements and give us a quote. And, um, they called us a couple of days later to set up an appointment time for when they would actually do the bathroom. And they, um, the installer came on time. He was great, uh, communicated everything that he needed, um, with us that day and, uh, our, our project was done in no time. Everything was, uh, cleaned up afterward. We had a, a great experience.

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