Maura Amrol for Bath Fitter Video Testimonials

April 25, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Maura Amrol

Can you describe the reason why you wanted to remodel your Bath?

Maura Amrol: I, we live in a mobile home, two senior citizens moving down. Um I was diagnosed with MS quite some time ago and we had a tub. So looking online at quotes of how much a transition to a shower would cost and it was beyond our means. So we found a program, um, and they connected us with bath fetters and Larry came and measured twice before he cut once and truly created a miracle. I think in a mobile home bathroom that was difficult to begin with. Brett came in, he was here on time nine o'clock in the morning and he was done and cleaned up and out. You never would have known he was here at 530 in the afternoon. I can't say enough good about bath fitters. Um I had looked at reviews online to see what I was in for never having contact with them before. And as you expected, some people walked into the program, angry to begin with and weren't satisfied. But then there were tons of five star reviews. If I could give a tent star review for these people, I certainly would. So I appreciate everything that they've done. Thank you.

What made you choose Bath Fitter?

Maura Amrol: We truly didn't know who to go with. There are so many bath transition places around handymen, everybody that swears to do exactly what you're gonna do in one day. And honestly, um we kind of just went with the reviews and the fact that we were matched with this company and it was the best fit for us and we had no doubts in the quality of workmanship that they provided. Thank you.

What would you tell someone who is considering Bath Fitter?

Maura Amrol: We're going now. Awesome. I started by saying, would I recommend bath fitters? Oh my word. They are like the absolute best we were matched to them. And I can't say that I have any disappointment at all between Larry and Brett and the job they did in and out. And I would totally recommend these people to anyone that asked me and that people have asked me already who did it and how they did it and they did it in one day and it was just amazing.

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