Tim Weil - Associate Video Testimonials

November 02, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Tim Weil, Sourcing Manager

What is your name and role in the company?

Tim Weil: My name is Tim Weil and I'm the manager of the sourcing team here at Batesville.

Tell us your story on how you joined Batesville and your experience working here and/or your career path within Batesville.

Tim Weil: So I joined Batesville back in 2016, right out of college. I found Batesville through a plant tour that I did during one of the classes at my university and I really liked the manufacturing, and everything that was going on at the Batesville manufacturing facility here in Indiana. And it was a great opportunity. They had the engineering and management development program which I applied for and was lucky enough to receive an offer. So within that program, when I started, I began in new product development, which I thought was really interesting for a casket manufacturing company to have new products being introduced, which now we're growing in that space. So it makes everything come full circle. But from there I did some engineering and worked in HR and logistics. So I got a lot of experience there. I was even able to do two 4 month rotations down at our Chihuahua Mexico facility helping implement a flat top manufacturing line and helping with insourcing some of the units that we were making at our Panola Mississippi facility before we closed that facility down. I also was able to help insource some of the material purchasing role that we had in Batesville, Indiana and actually this point of source in Mexico. So that was a really great introduction to the company in my first two years before joining the procurement value engineering team. On the procurement side. There I was a specialist buyer and had multiple different commodities that I managed from packaging to paper board, plastics, chemicals, and then was able to move up to a commodity manager role within procurement, managing textiles and lumber. Those are two of our larger spend commodities. So it was a lot of the responsibility and was really happy to take on that extra challenge. And then about a year ago I took over managing the entire sourcing team. So there are six different buyers on our team, five local in the US and one that does local sourcing in Chihuahua Mexico that I help manage and we helped to source different items across the organization. So from an EMDP all the way up to managing a team. You know, my career path has been really excellent here at Batesville and I've been presented a lot of opportunities that I don't think I could have gotten anywhere else. And for that, I'm very grateful.

What stands out to you about the culture at Batesville?

Tim Weil: I'm sure a lot of people, if you ask them, what about the Batesville culture stands out to them, they'd say the people, the family atmosphere that surrounds the organization and, and all those are absolutely true. For me, the thing that really sticks out is the ability for people from all over to really pull in one direction. Batesville has had people working remote, essentially away from headquarters for a very long time and logistics sales and even in manufacturing, with the different manufacturing locations. But at the end of the day, you know, everybody knows what our, our vision and mission are, to really help families honor the lives of those they love. And that really stuck out to me. When I first joined Batesville, I was coming from organizations that were me first, essentially every person looking out for themselves in their next career move. Batesville wasn't like that. It was what can we do better today for our customers, for the families that we're serving. And because of that, I think we get better results. I don't think that we necessarily are too humble, but about bragging about how great we are able to accomplish tough tasks. And if you look at everything we did during COVID and keeping the plant supplied, keeping our customers with caskets, it's nothing short of incredible. And I'm very proud of that and proud to be a part of that. And it's the many parts that make up the whole organization and everybody pulling in the same direction that every day makes me happy to come to work for a company like Batesville.

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