Justin Morrison - Associate Video Testimonial

November 02, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Justin Morrison, Logistics Manager

What is your name and role in the company?

Justin Morrison: Hi, I'm Justin Morrison. I'm the Logistics Manager here at Batesville in Manchester, Tennessee.

Tell us your story on how you joined Batesville and your experience working here and/or your career path within Batesville.

Justin Morrison: So I've been with the company 17 years. I started out as a associate on the floor within the Welding Department. I did that for around seven years and rolled into other departments after that to gain experience and see how the production of our caskets are made. As I gained experience, I was very intrigued on a supervisor role. I started inquiring information from different people on how I took that next step. While not having management experience, I took lead jobs throughout the plant. An opportunity arise for a supervisor job shortly after that. And I went into that role, did that for three years. Then with the right mentorship, guidance and resources, I have been able to do multiple roles within the company. I currently have been a Logistics Manager for around two years. I enjoyed the interaction and communication with other managers across our network. As always, it's a privilege to work for a company that has a mission to provide a service for helping families honor the lives of their loved ones.

What stands out to you about the culture at Batesville?

Justin Morrison: So our culture here, it's well rounded. Everyone here is passionate about their individual set of skills. Our workforce is very hands on with our team building programs, and our Kaizen events. We just strive to maintain an open and friendly culture for our workforce.

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