Derek Allen - Associate Testimonial

November 10, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Derek Allen, International Accountant & AP Supervisor

What is your name and role in the company?

Derek Allen: My name is Derek Allen and I am the international Accountant and AP Supervisor for Batesville.

Tell us your story on how you joined Batesville and your experience working here and/or your career path within Batesville.

Derek Allen: I first joined Batesville back in 2018, after spending four years working in finance for a commercial contractor. I can honestly say that the switch to Batesville has been tremendous for my family and I. Not only have I developed a lot professionally, but I get to work with a great finance team every day.

What stands out to you about the culture at Batesville?

Derek Allen: The culture at Batesville is very family oriented. If you can't find someone within your department or your direct manager to help you with whatever problem you might have, there's always someone within the organization that is willing to help.

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