Denis Kelling - Associate Testimonial

November 02, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Denis Kelling, CSR/Driver

What is your name and role in the company?

Denis Kelling: Hi, I'm Denis Kelling, Customer Service Representative from Batesville Casket Company. I work out of the Milwaukee Warehouse, part of the Chicago Network. I drive trucks and, do order processing, casket repair, all that type of thing.

Tell us your story on how you joined Batesville and your experience working here and/or your career path within Batesville.

Denis Kelling: I joined Batesville casket back in 1999. I left Coca Cola, looking for something to be a little bit more conducive to family life. I was a single Dad of two kids. So I came to Batesville, just loved everything about it. I've had a very good experience since I've been with Batesville. I think I've become better at driving, better at customer service. I just got a 20 year safe driving award from the company, which was awesome. Got a letter from the president of the company as well as a nice bonus check for it. So I really appreciate that and I appreciate the vehicles that we get to work with too. This is my truck right here. It's a Penske lease and it's taken care of properly. I appreciate that because nobody likes coming in on the hook.

What stands out to you about the culture at Batesville?

Denis Kelling: Batesville is a lot more family oriented and personal life oriented than a lot of other companies that I've worked for. When I was a single parent, if I needed to get time to go to one of my child's parent teacher conferences, I could do that or if I had to take a child to the doctor, they were really good about that. Now that I'm older, I've joined the Kiwanis Club service club. and I also serve on the county board in my district. So they give me the time to go to the meetings, you know, If I had a a meeting that day, they'll schedule me on a shorter route to make sure I get there. Batesville believes that having a good home life and, and being able to do that kind of stuff for your community is not something that they just support, but they, kind of really encourage that behavior because they do understand that a good balance of work and home life makes for a good worker. So I, I really appreciate that about this company.

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