Baby Bundles & Atrium Health Partnership

September 13, 2023

Jasmine describes the impact of bundles on expectant moms through Atrium Health's Referral Navigator program.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jasmine, Referral Navigator, Atrium Health

Tell us how Baby Bundles supports your clients and why you feel it is important?

Jasmine: Hello, my name is Jasmine and I am a Referral Navigator with Atrium Health in the City of Charlotte. As a Referral Navigator, we are responsible primarily for patients that come through with those social drivers of health needs such as food, housing or transportation. But of course, we don't just limit ourselves with those things. If we have a patient who has some needs that are outside of that realm, we definitely do our best to help.

Jasmine: When patients come through that are having a baby, a lot of times babies bring a sense of hope, a sense of meaning, a sense of purpose in the lives of the families.

How does receiving the bundle make your clients feel?

Jasmine: When we are able to supply them or gift them with a baby bundle, we get huge smiles on their faces. We can see the light in their eyes. We can see that they are encouraged. If they are going through some tough times, just the fact that we can actually give them something for their baby, it lets them, as I said, feel encouraged and feel that we are here to not only just give this beautiful gift to their baby, but we are here to support them as well.

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