Baby Bundles & Novant Health Partnership

September 22, 2023

Savannah with NOvant NICU

Video Transcript

Speaker: Savannah, Certified Child Life Specialist, Novant Health Hemby Children's Hospital

Please share your name.

Savannah: My name is Savannah.

Tell us a bit about why you and/or your company support Baby Bundles and how you see our work as supporting local moms in our community?

Savannah: Novant Health supports Baby Bundles because they allow us to provide our NICU families with essential needs that their baby may not have prior to birth. A lot of the times our NICU stays are really, really unexpected and parents just aren't able or prepared to fulfill those essential needs for their babies. So because of Baby Bundles, we are allowed to provide them with clothes and diapers, a couple of toys and books that really just prepares them to take home their new baby. And we would not be able to do that without the help and support from Baby Bundles.

We want to continue to build on our relationship with you. How do you envision growing our partnership?

Savannah: We here at Novant Health plan to evolve our relationship with Baby Bundles just by sharing the word about Baby Bundles with new hospital employees. We want to make sure that all of our staff, especially in the NICU is aware of Baby Bundles, the importance that Baby Bundles play for our families here in the NICU and to continue to foster and develop that relationship and partnership together.

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