Baby Bundles & Novant Health Partnership

September 25, 2023

We thank our sponsors like Novant Health for supporting our moms alongside us!

Video Transcript

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Hello, I am Doctor Heather Robertson White. I have the privilege of caring for pregnant women in the Greater Charlotte community at Novant Health Presbyterian Medical Center. We are thrilled to support Baby Bundles this year at its Bundles & Bluegrass event. Novant Health exists to improve the health of our communities, one person at a time. Healthcare is our mission, community is our passion. We have made serving others a priority and understand the social challenges that mothers often face in our neighborhoods and beyond. Our maternal and infant health long-term goal is currently focused on health care access, health equity, identifying factors that influence health outcomes and providing viable solutions for patients to receive the respectful care they deserve. We share many of the same visions as Baby Bundles. We understand the struggles that many of our patients face with providing just the basic needs for their families. Our patients are experiencing one of the most exciting moments in their lives, the birth of their baby. Through the generosity of Baby Bundles, our new moms are able to focus more on this momentous occasion rather than the worries of monetary challenges. No words are needed to recognize the gratitude our patients have for this charitable bundle. The smile says it all. We are looking forward to this wonderful event next week and hope to see you there.

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