Vicki_Kol Video Testimonials

September 15, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Vicki_Kol

How would you describe your overall experience working with Elisha?

Vicki_Kol: Hello, everyone. I am Victoria Ceo of Marvel Creatives. Um The first question, how would I describe my overall experience working with Elisha? First? I would say working with him was a very fantastic experience. It was, he made it so easy. He, he's so easy to work with. He's so easy to communicate with and he's um proactive. So my experience working with him was just amazing. It was different from others. It was fantastic. I don't like it.

What specific project did you hire him for?

Vicki_Kol: Um So I hired Elisha to create a custom web app for real estate property with real estate app features like um user um uploading and property listing. And he carried out the job effectively efficiently.

How would you describe Elisha in three words?

Vicki_Kol: Um So if I were to describe Elisha in three words, first, I would say that Elisha is a very meticulous person. So I would use the word meticulous for him because he pays attention to detail. Um Then I would also say he is proactive, very, very active, very efficient. And um finally, I would say that he is a very reliable person. You can totally count on him to get the job done and he will get it done effectively. So that's, that's what I would say about Elisha.

Would you recommend Elisha to others who might need similar services?

Vicki_Kol: Um yes, I would definitely recommend Elisha to others who might need his services because first Elisha is a person who communicates clearly. He is relatable, friendly. You can talk to him, you can express yourself about, tell him what you need. And um he's someone who prioritizes clients needs and takes his work very seriously. It's very efficient. So definitely I would recommend him for, to others who might need his services.

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