Johnson for Ayodamola Ojediran Video Testimonials

September 14, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Johnson

Introduce yourself & how you encounter Ayodamola?

Johnson: Hi, my name is Johnson and I'm a student of the University of Massachusetts. Um, I met Ayodamola on Upwork. I had a Saas app, I needed it completed. Well, I didn't know much about bubble so I decided to look for someone to hire and help me on that. So I actually opened the job proposal, opened up a job proposal on Upwork and people send me a proposal. I viewed some and then I found his when i looked through which was very, very enticing and I was convinced, but I had to just do a little like research more. So I checked this profile and then aside his previous works, his portfolio assembles. You were mind blowing. Honestly, I was just taken out of there. Now, the point I just have to just follow up with him. Yeah.

What convinced you to work with him?

Johnson: Um ok, so like I said before, um samples portfolio convinced me to work with him. I mean, so it's just awesome. I have not really seeing much like that. So it was like a new thing for me, so I have to go with him.

What challenge did he solve for you?

Johnson: OK. So you solved the challenge of me building my app on Figma, I didn't really have much to go with and actually. Um So I built the app on my UI designer and then implemented it into bubble use it from start to finish, made it functional. Yeah.

How would you describe your overall work experience & would you recommend him?

Johnson: Um ok, how would i describing him, I would I recommend him or would I recommend him? Yeah, definitely, I would recommend him like a good kind of person to work with. Um our experience. Well, it was very professional. I felt very professional and was able to manage the time I had for it because time had really been wasted and my clients were already asking for it. So he was able to manage time had for him and then get it done within that period. He's a very hardworking person. He paid close attention to all the details I provided. Yeah, I would definitely recommend him as a designer or developer to anybody who might want his services.

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