Grace patel for Ayodamola Ojediran Video Testimonials

September 08, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Grace patel

Introduce yourself & how you encounter Ayodamola?

Grace patel: Hello, I'm Grace Patel. I encountered Ayodamola on Upwork when I was, I had a job posting about SASS.

What convinced you to work with him?

Grace patel: After he sent his proposal, I had a good look at it. He had good attention to details and he sent his portfolio link and there was also something about his previous project that really won my attention.

What challenge did he solve for you?

Grace patel: He helped me build my SASS project from scratch using Bubble IO. And he handled the User interface design on Figma.

How would you describe your overall work experience & would you recommend him?

Grace patel: It was quite professional and he was able to manage the time I gave him for it because my swizz clients were asking for it. Ayodamola is a very hardworking man and he paid close attention to all the details I provided for him to work with. And I really recommend him as a designer and a developer.

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