Sharyn H. - Client for Axim Video Testimonial

August 27, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Sharyn H. - Client

How has Axim helped you with your planning needs as both a company and individual?

Sharyn H. - Client: How has a helped me with my planning needs? Oh my gosh, this could be a very long video, but I'll try to condense it down primarily. They listen, they listen to what my situation is, what I want and they help me take all of that and make a very strong plan to achieve my goals. They don't just push their own products or push a high commission product or any of the other kind of stereotypical things that you think of when you think of wealth management. But they genuinely and honestly listened to what I want. They were able to pull out those details and create a plan based on not only where I am now, where I'm going to be in 10 years, but where I want things to be 10, 50 20 years down the road, they were able to develop a strong plan to protect my assets and to protect the plan of what I want to achieve. Um by knowing things, I didn't even know, I didn't know to be able to protect and to reorganize and structure things that were set up now. And they've given me a very comforting peace of mind that everything is taken care of. And if something should happen to me, that all of the systems are set in place that the planning will continue on with the Children and my children's Children.

How would you describe the service and expertise you have received from Axim?

Sharyn H. - Client: The service and the expertise that I received from maximum has been nothing less than exemplary. They, they are truly amazing. They're patient. They're comforting. I immediately felt part of a family. They were able to listen to me over and over, pull out the information of where I wanted to be and take what I had and make a plan to get there. And what is more telling to me personally about their moral code and their expertise is that they're not afraid to push back on me when something that I suggest may not be the best option and they're not afraid to say that something is not in that person's specific wheelhouse that they will have to go and talk to another expert and then come back with that information to be able to give me the best service.

How is Axim different from other companies you have been involved with?

Sharyn H. - Client: To me a is different from other companies that I've worked with in the past because they offer a all encompassing rounding service. They don't just try to push their own products or their own affiliations on you to make commissions or to sell their, their own items. Uh They genuinely listen to what I want and then put together what they believe is the best plan to achieve that. If that includes having to go outside to other expert areas such as accounting or legal, then they bring that all into achieving the goals that I want. And it's also very telling to me that they are not afraid to push back on me if I have an idea that may not be the best way to achieve what I want to be or may not be the safest way to move forward with assets or an income stream. So that is very, very unique in this market and different about a

What would you say to someone who is considering Axim in the high net-worth space but is not yet a client?

Sharyn H. - Client: I actually already have referred out to some colleagues and friends for high net worth money management. And what I tell them that the overriding reason for me was the sense of peace and comfort that I have that a plan is in place to achieve what I want to achieve. That it's being managed that it's being monitored. It's not static, it's living and it's dynamic and it changes as my situation and goals change. And I can have that peace of mind and freedom of time from having to micromanage everything myself and that there are experts out there that know far more than I about how to manage my money, income streams, dividends and assets to get me where I want to be.

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