Rob & Cindy S. - Axim Clients

August 30, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Rob Stichweh

Why did you decide to work with Axim?

How would you describe your experience?

Hi, I'm Rob and I'm Cindy. We would like to take a few moments of your time and give a testimony on Axim Wealth Management Group. We met Matt and Tim back in 2019 at a retirement seminar at Sinclair Community College, we were very much impressed with their presentation and what they had to offer. And after discussion, we decided to go ahead and do some investing with them. I can honestly say that they have done an outstanding job. We have experienced over 140% return in the last two years with them, which is phenomenal, but more than that, they are just nice guys. They're fun to be around. They are, are they, they just have your best interest at hand? They genuinely care about you. And because of that, you know, we have a very comfortable relationship with them and we will continue to do investing with them. We would highly recommend them to anyone. just give them a call and check them out. They're, they're just good people have to have. I sure do. I was very impressed at the seminar with the information that was presented to us. And on that note, we were reaching that retirement phase of our lives. And so we set up an appointment and got to know them and they are like Rob said, really nice guys and comfortable to be around. And I have to say I trust them, I trust them with our finances and investing and they're very knowledgeable. The things that they have informed us about are valuable to me, to us. So, on that note, I would strongly encourage you to reach out to them. You will not be disappointed. They truly care about you and they have the knowledge to know what to do with your finances and they're just fun to be around. It's very comfortable, they're trustworthy and I think I should maybe have them over for dinner some day.

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