Jay J. - Axim Client Video Testimonials

August 29, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jay J. - Client

Could you describe a time that Axim helped you?

Jay J. - Client: Hi, my name is Jay and I live here in Centerville, Ohio. I met Axim and the team in 2020 and that's really having two issues. One is two issues or I want to advise on two things. One is my portfolio and my investments were not really performing like the way I wanted it. And I'd given it a try for the last four years with my investment management company at that time, the institution and it was not up to par and I was not happy. So I was looking for somebody different to see if they can do better than that. The second thing was I was coming up on some major decisions on terms of my stock options and stock portfolios that I had from my, where I was working, it was a considerable amount of money and I needed some advise and how best to proceed it both, short term, medium term, long term, from a tax perspective, from a savings perspective, from a growth perspective, et cetera, et cetera. So, that's the reason I met them. This was during really the kind of the peak of the COVID times 2020. And, uh, um, I search around a lot and I could, uh, um, you know, within 100 mile radius of Dayton because I wanted somebody really local, somebody that, uh, really were professional, competent, friendly and they were approachable and available quite easily for me to, to consult. Uh, that's how I met, uh, uh, Axim.

How does the team at Axim make you feel as a client?

Jay J. - Client: Since I met the team in 2020. Um Tim Matt, and Luong, they've come across to me as a uh team of professionals, competent, friendly, uh they uh they know what they're doing and in general, uh very approachable. Um The obviously the uh the initial plan, you know, gets developed over several other meetings, you know, in the beginning. And that really spans both medium term, long term and short term. And so generally long term plans stay, you know, stay pretty, you know, the same, but many times uh short term plans have to change, actions have to be taken depending on what's going on in the marketplace or what's going on in one's individual life. And when those decisions need to be taken, actions need to be taken, they're very approachable. And uh and uh generally, I found them that uh they give good advice, they give sane advice, not emotions changed in it. And uh and, and, and really tailored to the individual, they listen carefully, they know the situation of each, each client. Uh and, and they really provide advice that's best for that client and that situation. Uh frankly, I feel like they are our trusted family partners here when it comes to financial help.

Why is Axim different from other companies you have worked with in the past?

Jay J. - Client: One of the reasons I like Axim compared to where I was before. In fact, one of the reasons I came to Axim I was, I was not happy with the way that uh uh my family investments were being managed by that institution at that time. So uh it was just a I was just a cog I was just another uh you know, input to the algorithm and optic, nothing specific to what was going on in my life uh in our situation. So, one of the reason uh I like Axim I is that um it is relative small, at least I don't know how big they are. But, but as far as I'm concerned, you know, they have the time to uh to give me individual attention and it is a uh a plan we work on or the way they are managing, it is very tailored to my situation, my family situation and my goals and my uh my appetite for risk, et cetera. So uh so I feel, I feel like it is a tailored product. It's a tailored road map, a specific road map for me and a uh and an action plan that, uh, just, uh, that I'm very comfortable with and, uh, that, uh, obviously with the road map and the action plan, we spend a lot of time, you know, kicking the tires on it, making sure that both sides are comfortable with it. But once, once we agree upon, uh, I don't have to worry about the execution of the action plan. They do it, they're doing it and the, uh, and by and large the results show that, uh, they're executing it fairly well. Um, it's, uh, the, the, it's all the plans on track, reasonably on track. And, uh, um, you know, uh, the market might have done something but, uh, and I might have done something but that's because it's tailored to my situation and, and that's the way I want it to be. And, uh, so by and large, that seems to be the difference between, uh, between a large institution or other institutions versus the way Axim works. It's a very tailored individualized, long term, medium short term plan for that individual and that family. And, uh, when I say long term, I mean, past well passed into retirement, uh, we're talking into our seventies and eighties and nineties. How do we plan for eventualities at that time? The situations that might happen now, you can never predict the west. But, uh, but at least you can take a reasonable look at it and be prepared what to do. So that's why I like it, it is a, it is a road map and an action plan that, uh, you know, kind of chalks out along the way how we get there. You know, things will change over the next three years. We'll change it if it need be. But at least I don't have to worry about every day what to do.

What would you tell someone who was considering working with Axim that really doesn't know them yet?

Jay J. - Client: One of the things I like about Axim is the fact that they are, they seem to have a broad set of tools at their disposal when it comes to uh to tailoring and, and helping out a uh individual in terms of their financial futures and financial situation. Uh For example, I think they, they have, they, they have a holistic view upon uh given an individual situation of how much money to, you know, to, to not take risk, what portion of it not to take a risk upon what, to, how much to actually grow over the market, how much to make sure that you uh that, that you're meeting your goals and you know, very specific might be very specific, specialized subjects like how best to do. What action should I take on a specific tax situation? For example, how should I handle the uh uh the decision? I have to take the steps I have to take in my case, for example, I needed some very specific guidance or counsel on how to handle some stock options and stocks, fair reasonable amount of money. Uh What's the best decision to take? Uh It would have been very difficult for in another company in another investment form. In fact, the previous one that I was working with that was managing our finances. You just couldn't get answers for those things. You had to seek out a different set of company, a different individual or somebody else to go do that in Axim. I found out that they can, they can bring those resources and they can answer those questions and then they come up with the right action plan of how to handle those situations. So what I would say is that most companies would, you know, do all these other things, what share this profile, what should we do, etcetera, 60% stock, 60 you know, 40% bonds, all that. That's typical formulas. I think Axim goes one step beyond that. It is more of a holistic financial health point of view rather than just like, ok, I'm going to do better than the market or equal to the market or something like that. That's what I like about Axim.

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