Brent & Paula G. - Axim Video Testimonials

August 29, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Brent & Paula G. - Client

How has Axim helped your family?

Brent & Paula G. - Client: So at included our family and our financial planning from pretty much the onset. And that was a huge relief to both my wife and I um, I mean, very shortly after our first discussion, they started asking if there were any special or unique needs that we wanted our family to be included in, in our financial planning. And afterwards, they also hooked us up with the attorneys that basically allowed us to set up the estates and the trusts and help whatever we needed to basically take care of our family um for their long term future as well. And that was just a huge piece of mind for my wife and I

How do you feel as a client of Axim and the service you receive?

Brent & Paula G. - Client: My wife and I are, I mean, very happy being clients with a, um, we've had a couple questions that have kind of just suddenly arisen um with some of our financial um situation and I've been able to send them just a text or make a quick phone call and they've been very, I mean, very prompt in responding and very on point with their responses and they've been very helpful. So we feel, you know, very good and we're very happy that we picked a, you know, as our financial planning specialists.

Why is Axim different from other companies you have worked with?

Brent & Paula G. - Client: I think the big difference that we feel, uh, and we felt when we started dealing with Axum is, it's very personalized, it was very personalized to our particular situation and our family and how we wanted to, uh, incorporate our family and our financial planning and, you know, every day or I'm sorry, just about any day if I have a question or my wife has a question, you know, I can text either Tim or Matt and usually within that same day or, you know, very much, you know, the next day I'll get a text back and we'll set up a meeting and talk and, you know, that kind of service is just not what you get from, you know, kind of the bigger, you know, the bigger planning services. So we feel very comfortable. It's, you know, we know we're just part of a client, but we feel like we're, you know, getting a little more personalized service than you would with, uh, any other big box company.

After becoming a client, how responsive do you feel Axim is when you need something?

Brent & Paula G. - Client: So I think it's safe to say that both my wife and I have feel that has been very responsive. Um, whenever we've had a question, whenever we've, you know, been curious about something, um, I've sent them a text or sent an email and I mean, within a day or two, I've gotten a response and, and within a day or two after that we've set up a meeting to discuss what's going on and what our concern is. So, um, I think they've been just excellent at, at, at, at responding to our questions.

What would you say to someone who is not working with Axim yet, but considering it?

Brent & Paula G. - Client: So the one thing I think I would say to people who are not yet working with Axum is everybody's situation is different. But I think the real key and the benefit that Axum brings is they try to one understand what is unique about your particular situation. And then two, they have ties to other specialties, you know, whether it's attorneys or whoever and they will not just refer you to those attorneys, but they'll actually bring th those attorneys in and what you work out with them then becomes part of your overall plan, uh, with Axum. And to me that's, that's just an integrated approach. That is a lot better than just saying, well, we're gonna handle your financial aspect and then you have to go deal with your legal, your legal aspects, uh, separately.

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