Beth M - Axim Video Testimonials

August 17, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Beth Montgomery

Could you describe a time that Axim helped you?

Beth Montgomery: Uh Yeah, of course, helpful. Yes. And as much as they're always very communicative uh, prompt with answering questions, returning phone calls. But there were a couple of incidences where I really needed to regroup financially. One was following uh a major surgery after which I was no longer able to work. The second. Um, my son finally found the house of his dreams. It was right as interest rates were starting to rise through the roof pricing them right out of the market. So I went to uh the people at and I said, listen, this is how I want to help my kids and can we make this work? And so they put together a situation where it was a win, win for everyone.

How does the team at Axim make you feel as a client?

Beth Montgomery: Tim and Matt are great and the young ladies that work in the office as well. Uh Going to their office is a very pleasant experience because it is such a warm welcoming place, very comfortable, like home. Uh Tim and, and Matt know us, we know them, we're friends on Facebook. I watch uh Matt's kids grow and I know what Tim's kids are doing in their sports and what have you so very, very community oriented and very person oriented.

Why is Axim different from other companies you have worked with in the past?

Beth Montgomery: They don't just know us, they know what's important to us and they have put together um, a model where we can pursue what is important to us in our retirement and live as comfortably and fully as we possibly can and still stay within our means. They understand us and they have a model, they built a model for us that works.

What would you tell someone who was considering working with Axim that really doesn't know them yet?

Beth Montgomery: Uh recommending them that's already happened. Uh Our Children are grown professional and doing very, very well. I do have concerns about how they manage their money. I have introduced them to Tim and Matt and I look forward to them in the future, enjoying a very lucrative rest of their lives because of the direction that they are getting from some pretty incredibly smart money people.

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