Lucy Testimonial

February 26, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Lucy

Could you describe your experience with the Mindset Mastery Program?

Lucy: Hello. My name is Lucy and I discovered missy and her YouTube channel back in August 2021. After stumbling on her sp success story video. I was going through a rough patch with my S. P. At the time we had a falling out and I was extremely anxious, sad and felt defeated because I really thought our relationship had ended. Boy was I wrong hearing about the law of assumption for the first time. After stumbling on MRS video gave me hope. However, if I am completely honest, a part of me still question the law but was willing to have an open mind about it. I subscribed to MRS Channel and began to watch her videos as well as her lives. After about a month or so I decided to schedule a discovery call and then shortly after my first deep dive session which is her one on one coaching session. The first session was in September 2021 and it was truly eye opening. She helped me see one of the major patterns that kept manifesting over and over in my life and why that was I scheduled a second session later in May 2022 I believe. Although I was having small successes here and there. Things with S. P. Weren't really changing and neither was my self concept, I didn't understand what I was doing wrong or what I was feeling to see. It was finally in August of 2022, almost a year later when Missy announced she was going to launch her mindset Mastery Program and offered coaching. I decided to sign up and really take the law of assumption seriously. I knew that I had to do this not for S. P. Or anyone else or anything else, it had to be for me sitting here today, I can honestly say I am so glad I did. It is the best investment I have ever made for myself. Missy breaks down the law of assumption for you and make sure that you have a solid understanding and foundation. I finally understand the law and now see that I had been missing the mark in so many ways, both consciously and unconsciously. The great part about it is you have the opportunity to talk to missy and ask her questions. You also get to meet you and wonderful people who are also embarking on this journey with you and they are all great source of support. I manifested things while I was in the mindset mastery program that forever changed the way I see reality and myself and which increased my faith in the law of assumption. Ever since I completed her mindset mastery program, my self concept has improved immensely as well as my physical health and appearance and my relationship with S. P. I have and will continue to manifest wonderful things for all areas of my life and for others. I have come far and have learned to make this a new lifestyle. Thank you missy from the bottom of my heart for your knowledge, your wisdom, your guidance, and your overall kindness and generosity. I am eternally grateful and honored to know you and have you as a coach.

How has working with Missy Renee helped you?

Lucy: Working with Missy Renee has helped me master myself and has transformed me from the inside out and has truly empowered me. I am not the same person I was a year ago, I am no longer the old man. I am a powerful manifest, er it's as the old master once said, and I quote, mastering others is strength, but mastering yourself is true power.

What makes Missy Renee stand out against the competition?

Lucy: Shortly after stumbling on Missy's channel and watching her videos, Youtube's algorithm began recommending other manifestation channels to me. But Missy Renee always stood out to me from other manifestation coaches because she has a vast and deep knowledge and understanding of the law of assumption. I mean she knows what she's talking about. I also could relate to her because she has walked in my shoes, she had similar experiences and struggles as I once did and she has come out on the other side. Um I also love the fact that she doesn't try to sell you a one size fits all technique or method. She makes it clear from the start that everyone is different. The best way I can describe her coaching and teaching is it's very holistic and organic and it really helps you get to the root of things that may be holding back your manifestations.

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