Nick's Amazing Awakened Academy Success Story

July 31, 2023

Listen to Nick talk about how he started his own coaching company and launched a podcast with Awakened Academy, and what really made Awakened Academy the best fit for his coaching journey.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Nick Levesque

Can you please introduce yourself and tell us why you wanted to be a spiritual life coach or help others?

Nick Levesque: Hello everyone. I hope you're all doing well. My name is Nick Levesque and I am a certified spiritual life coach with Awakened Academy. And the reason that I wanted to become a spiritual life coach and, and help others really is because I just, I genuinely love helping people. Right? So I, I really like seeing someone go from where they want to go or where they are right now. Sorry to where they want to go and just really see uh transformations in someone's life, right? So by, by helping out of course, and also because I've personally had my own fair share of experiences in my life that kind of shaped me to who I am today. Right? So, for example, just a few years ago, I was in a really dark place mentally and uh I would just not feel well, I was really a prisoner of my own mind and, you know, I, I just could not sit, sit with myself, right. So, um and all these kind of things and other events that have happened in my life really shaped me into who I am today and with that experience and knowledge that I've learned through the academy and through reading and into, you know, all the things that I've kind of looked into. Um, you know, I was like, well, how can I kind of share this with other people and really try to help people on a deeper level? Right. So then I found, I found Awakened Academy and I was like, all right. So let's do this.

What led you to specifically choose Awakened Academy's Spiritual Life Coaching Certification program?

Nick Levesque: So what led me to choose the Awakened Academy specifically is just when I first off, when I went to the website, I just, it felt good. I felt like it really resonated with me. And secondly, I looked at a lot of different options uh beforehand, right? So obviously I did a lot of research into, you know, what I was, you know, signing up for. And so I did a lot of digging a lot of research online to see what other programs were on as life coaching programs. But Awakened Academy was really the only one that really stood out to me that offered specifically what I was looking for, which was something to do with also spirituality, right? The concept of spirituality. And when I went to the website, you know, I it, it literally just said spiritual life coach, right? So I was like, well, you know, we can't get more obvious than that, right? So, and then I kind of looked at the brochure and I saw that there was a lot of content and a lot of hours of programs and such and again, nothing against other programs or certifications or, or whatever. But I, I had seen some other ones were just, were like a weekend thing or like a month thing. And to me that I, you know, I feel like if you're really willing to help people, you need you know, proper education to be quite honest with you. Right. You need some form of education that can help you really help someone go from where they are right now to where they want to be. Right. And for me, when I read the brochure and, and I signed up for Awakened Academy, you know, that's really what they offered and really what they gave. Right. So just, I think it said something along the lines of like 350 hours of, of content, uh which I can say there's a lot, a lot of content within the Academy. So that's really what led me to kind of uh choose Awakened Academy.

Can you share a key insight(s) or the most valuable thing(s) you learned through the Awakened Academy certification program?

Nick Levesque: So for me personally, I find that what, what was most valuable to me from the academy was the fact that they made you do work on yourself before even getting into anything life coaching specifically, right. So, and I'm a firm believer in that as well. I'm a firm believer that if you're a coach and you're coaching someone, then you should be doing, work on yourself, right? So, because you can't really help someone else if you're not applying what you're doing uh at all, right. So if you're not, if you're teaching all these things, but you're not applying them on yourself, then you're kind of missing the point of it, in my personal opinion, right? So what I really enjoyed about the academy is like the first few modules or sections, if you will, they were really like a detox. So they were really about, you know, going deep within yourself, which is what I, to me personally is what spirituality means, right? Is, can you sit with yourself and work through the things that need to be worked through? Right? So can you allow yourself to feel what needs to be felt and Awakened Academy really had you do that. Right. So they had practical exercises to do and they, they said it like multi, multiple times, like, you know, if you're going to help someone, you need to do this on yourself first. Right. So for me, it was really, I guess those are insights for me that really stood out to me. It was really all the work that you had to do on yourself before even getting to the coaching section.

How has achieving, or working towards, certification as a spiritual life coach impacted your life or career? How is your life better now?

Nick Levesque: So achieving this certification has really helped me profoundly personally, to be quite honest with you, because one is obviously, well, I'm very happy to have gotten the certification and really, you know, completed the course curriculum. So that was an achievement in and of itself to be quite honest. But also, since then, so two things have happened to me, for me personally is one. I've officially launched my own coaching business. And secondly, I am just out to launch my podcast as well. So it's really kind of given me a lot of knowledge, a lot of insights and a lot of you know, a bit more credibility as well if you will, right? Because, you know, a lot of my, my friends personally such that they know that, you know, I've always been into this type of stuff and to kind of see me go through this path, you know, that they, they really enjoy seeing me going through that, right? So it's really helped me personally a lot in, in so many ways and it's really giving me the chance to express myself and, and do things that I genuinely love and that really bring meaning to my life, right? And, and a big sense of meaning and purpose as well. And, yeah, so it's, it's really meaningful to me honestly on a, on a very genuine level. And also another part is really what I said before is really, you know, allowing me to, to work on myself on a, on a much deeper level than I had before. Right? So I met so many cool people through the academy, you know, like-minded individuals which we all help each other and, and we post about our problems and we talk about different things, right? So you've got kind of a support group as well to help you through your challenges. But really, so all these things combined, you know, have definitely made my life better personally.

What would you say to someone considering joining the Awakened Academy Certification program?

Nick Levesque: So personally, I would say absolutely join the program. You know, it's a, it's a great program if, if life coaching or spiritual life coaching or something in the realms of spirituality, if you will or just coaching in general, right? Is something that you want to do. Absolutely join. And to, to be quite honest, there's a lot of people in the academy as well that didn't even join to become a coach. Like they've got businesses that might be entrepreneurs in something else, but they've also just joined the academy to benefit from it and just learn different things, right? Like I said, a big part of it also is working on yourself, right? So absolutely join the program. And the other thing I will say though, to be 100% is if you do join, prepared to have, you know, a lot of resistance, a lot of things come up, right? Because like I said, you're gonna be dealing and working through issues of your own as well, right? Which I find is the most fundamental um importance of the academy to be quite honest with you. Because again, if you're not doing work on yourself how do you expect to honestly, truly make an impact on someone's life? Right. So, absolutely, I would recommend it.

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